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The Here and Now
Mindfulness helps people focus on the here and now. It is about seeing and feeling things as they really are. It is about acknowledging our reactions to our emotions, be they pleasant or unpleasant. It helps people to respond to situations, rather than react. This means we can relate to things in a healthier way, healthier for you and your mind and body, healthier for the organisation. As such it is the best tool for optimal engagement.

Mindfulness and the Workplace
Mindfulness at the workplace is about taking responsibility for one's own wellbeing throughout the working day. It is about making the best out of each moment and every situation. It is about learning to focus on the task at hand with a newly found energy, even if the task is neither motivational nor particularly engaging.

Beyond the Workplace
A mindful way of being extends beyond powerful changes in the workplace. The way with which you will become more engaged in a mindful way of being will become all encompassing and will help you create a better life balance.



Based in Australia? Interested in Zen meditation and practice?

Jikishoan is a a growing community of people learning and practising Zen meditation under the guidance of Zen Master Ekai Korematsu Osho. Based in Melbourne, it runs a range of programs throughout the year. Newcomers with an interest in Zen meditation and practice in daily life are always welcome. For more information, please visit the Jikishoan website

Interested in CBMT (Corporate Based Mindfulness Training - delivered worldwide) ?

With certified trainers worldwide, The Potential Project brings effectiveness, balance and focus. For more information, please contact The Potential Project.

Managing our Mind is the Solution

Expert career facilitation and development services. Whether you are preparing for your next career move, interviewing for your ideal job, or rehearsing for your very first executive position or promotion - contact JFCareer Transitions. Services also include CV preparation and review.

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