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About Us

Our Success – Your SuccessDr Chistine Maingard

Dr Christine Maingard, founder and principal consultant of Mindful Strategies, is well equipped to help you and your organisation to be successful. Christine built Mindful Strategies based on her own key learnings during her years as a successful senior executive and as an academic. She understands what it means to build a team or an organisation from the inside out.

With an extensive background as a senior corporate executive, an academic, and as an executive mentor and coach, Christine first-hand understands the pressures and behaviours that contribute to workplace and individual stress and to less-than-optimal outcomes. 

Christine is a certified Senior Trainer with The Potential Project, a qualified Six Sigma specialist, a certified Executive Mentor with JF Career Transitions, a Fellow of the Australian Institue of Management, a keynote speaker, and the author of Think Less, Be More, a self-help book for personal and professional transformation.

As a specialist in the learning field, with in-depth expertise and strengths in operational excellence, employee engagement, workplace performance and customer focus, Christine can help you create a positive and inspiring workplace.

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