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Our Approach

Think Less and Create New Energy

Mindful Strategies’ aim is to help you think less, to create new energy in your working life through understanding the essence of the here and now and through learning how to achieve and maintain optimum levels of personal and organisational performance.

Mindful Strategies uses simple tools, activities, wisdom and self-reflection that assist to find values and meaning within and apply techniques that can be immediately used to positively affect individual attitudes and approaches to work. Applying the principles of mindfulness will engage your self. It will help you understand and put to positive use what you have already within you. The result is empowerment to learn how to change yourself in order to effect positive change around you.

Mindful Strategies helps you to increase your ability to manage reactions to work demands through a deeper understanding of your self. Our approach is business focussed and will help you get to a level of deeper understanding and know-how of:

  • Transforming your workplace’s challenges into opportunities for success
  • Recognising what’s missing in order to turn the daily grind into daily happiness
  • Knowing how to deal with stress, bullies and overt control of others
  • Using basic principles of simplifying the complex workplace environment
  • Increasing the ability to enhance personal effectiveness
  • Demonstrating an increased ability to manage reactions to workplace conflict
  • Focusing more intently and with meaning on tasks
  • Gaining a greater understanding of your connection to your workplace environment

Mindful Strategies provides solutions and services that help - at a personal, team and organisational level.

Mindful strategies are strategies that

  • Keep employees focused on the job, motivated and satisfied enough that they choose to engage at their optimal levels
  • Help you attract and retain the best in your industry
  • And help you, as an individual, live a more meaningful and productive life
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