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Optimal Engagement

Optimal Engagement – why and how?

Employee engagement is not just a topical issue but it is a big deal. Optimal engagement of your workforce has become the most critical success factor for sustainable business results. High levels of engagement closely correlate to staff retention, productivity, customer service and overall organisational performance.

Engagement, as seen through the lens of an employer, is measured by the extend to which your employees are motivated to give their best and are willing to be advocates for your organisation.

For you as an individual, optimal engagement extends beyond being awake at work so to positively influence your employer’s or your own company’s interest. It is about being optimally engaged with whatever you are doing, wherever you are. It is engagement with life.

The facts are that:

  • Fully engaged employees are up to 43% more productive towards revenue generation (Gallup’s employee engagement index).
  • Each truly engaged employee can add an additional $5,000 each year to the bottom line and significantly increase shareholder return (Hewitt Associates).
  • Only 29% of employees are fully engaged, 54% are not properly engaged and 17% are actively disengaged (Gallup’s employee engagement index).
  • For businesses, the cost of non- and disengagement can be staggeringly high. Low engagement usually correlates with high staff turnover. It is estimated that staff turnover costs Australian businesses some A$100bn a year in lost productivity, recruitment and training costs.
  • It is estimated that disengaged employees cost the US economy almost US$300bn.

Promoting a culture of engagement – it is simple, isn’t it?

Where there is in-depth understanding about what engagement really means and when there is total commitment towards creating a culture of engagement, programs that promise measurable outcomes can be very successful.

However, here are some truths:

  • More often than not engagement initiatives do nothing more than pay ‘lip service’ to promising a better corporate culture.
  • All too often engagement surveys are being conducted and subsequent programs rolled out without commitment and buy-in from leaders and managers at all levels.
  • Many companies mistake engagement initiatives with increased benefits and incentives.
  • Failure to truly understand what optimal engagement means and the time and effort it takes to implement successful initiatives often stifle even the most ambitious intentions.
  • Employee engagement is at an all-time low and staff turnover at an all-time high.

The mindful solution for successful outcomes:

Optimal engagement means being self-aware and being committed to one’s own being. We are committed when we are engaged in whatever we are doing, with whoever we are in any given moment. We are engaged when we don’t run away from the drudgery of our lives but find meaning and purpose. This kind of commitment is simple, yet difficult to achieve and sustain. The simplicity comes about once self-leadership is understood and practised. The difficulty lies in perseverance and commitment. Yet with perseverance we achieve profound outcomes – for ourselves and for others.

Applying mindful strategies helps us to positively shift our relationship to our own thinking. It brings about transformation from the inside-out. It takes us back to ourselves, to who we always have been.  Thus we effect change not just for ourselves but also for those around us:

  • We turn from being dissonant to becoming resonant.
  • We are able to transform conflict into synergy.
  • Our lives become healthier because stress is reduced considerably.
  • Where we have experienced discord we now witness harmony, within ourselves and in our relationship with others.
  • Our lives become more balanced as we become more joyful and happier, no matter what the circumstances.
  • We reach higher levels of productivity and generally achieve more with less time and effort.

What’s next?

Find out how Mindful Strategies can help. Explore this website. If you are interested in a free introductory consultation or simply require further information, please contact us at info@mindfulstrategies.com.au

A good way of addressing this topic at your workplace could be a talk during one of your staff meetings or as a breakfast or lunchtime seminar. We deliver one-hour talks to generate awareness about optimal engagement and provide practical tips on how to engage better. One hour can offer you a simple yet highly effective starting point towards increased health and wellbeing for yourself and your staff.

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