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Benefits and Outcomes

Addressing organisational risk factors and corporate sustainability issues means that we have to embrace more innovative approaches in doing business. Increasingly so these include taking care of the human capital side of things with renewed focus - the human capital that is you and your people. The ultimate objective of Mindful Strategies is to help you focus on the most effective, engaging and satisfying approach to dealing with human capital sustainability issues.

In order to ensure business success, individuals, managers and leaders need to step up and move out of their comfort zone. Just as we need to find a less stressful way of living at a personal level, leaders need to find ways to keep employees engaged and motivated. What not so long ago were a select few companies that could claim ‘employer-of-choice’ status, has now become a necessity.

Optimal engagement, stress reduction and work life balance have become the key critical success factors for sustainable results. Your organisation’s resilience and sustainable growth depend on these factors. Studies have found that fully engaged employees are up to 43% more productive towards revenue generation than those who are less or not engaged. A recent Gallup Management Journal’s employee engagement index puts the percentage of truly engaged employees at a staggeringly low 29%, with the not engaged workforce making up an incredible 54% and the remaining 17% being actively disengaged. The core focus of Mindful Strategies is on providing innovative and mindful strategies to keep you and your employees engaged, motivated and focused.

Optimal engagement means:

  • The ability to more effectively manage individual and work stresses
  • A positive increase in psychological well-being
  • More mind-strength
  • Improved flexibility
  • Increased focus, concentration and clarity
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Enhanced personal effectiveness
  • Knowing how to act rather than react

Using mindful strategies helps achieve optimal engagement at all levels – the individual, team and the whole-of-organisation:

  • On an individual level these range from being able to more effectively reduce work and life stresses, to increased focus and enhanced personal effectiveness.
  • On a team level optimal engagement fosters team cohesion, more productive communication and inspiring and lasting working relationships.
  • On an organisational level, through learning how work life balance issues and stress are impacting on the organisational climate, valuable insights will be gained. These include how employee stress reduction and work life balance strategies are necessary as a strategic business issue. A culture of mindfulness and optimal engagement ultimately helps organisations to:

    Ø Achieve optimal engagement and communications
    Ø Reduce employee absenteeism
    Ø Reduce workplace conflict
    Ø Improve employee satisfaction
    Ø Improve customer satisfaction
    Ø Increase employee retention
    Ø Help employees in improving their work life balance
    Ø Build trusting relationships
    Ø Reduce unnecessary complexities
    Ø Improve productivity at the micro-level

All of this ultimately will improve your bottom line, be it at an organisational level or at a personal inner emotional intelligence level.

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