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Our Services

Mindful Strategies is an innovative Business and Management service helping organisations improve workplace performance through the application of mindfulness. With expertise, compassion and a unique way of looking at common problems that confront us in the workplace and in our personal lives, Mindful Strategies emphasises the importance of focus. Our strategies help individuals apply stress reduction techniques to achieve optimal engagement and a better work life balance. Our aim is to help you create amore productive, balanced and satisfied individual and work environment.

Mindful Strategies is helping individuals and organisations to overcome roadblocks to success. We feel successful when we help our clients be successful. Our approach is well thought through, innovative and flexible and is applying the principles of mindfulness.

The focus of services provided by Mindful Strategies range from initial assessment to facilitating workshops for staff, managers and executives, to personal coaching.

Mindful Strategies is flexible and mindful in catering to different learning styles. All programs are built around our core services in the areas of:

  • Employee engagement
  • Personal engagement
  • Stress reduction
  • Life balance

Our services include:

  • Providing multi-level learning solutions ranging from critical issues analysis, employee engagement and mindfulness audits to program delivery and ROI evaluation and measurement of individual achievements and organisational outcomes.
  • Business coaching with emphasis on mindful individual and team action learning, to identify opportunities for improvement and to turn disengagement into productive employee engagement.
  • Personal coaching (e-coaching or face-to-face) to help individuals use mindful strategies for reducing stress and improving life balance.
  • Workshops, seminars and conference presentations

The content and length of our workshops can be tailored to the target audience. Our standard workshops are:

  • Mindful Strategies for Improved Workplace Performance (MS01) is a one-day workshop for a general audience. This practical hands-on workshop is designed to help the individual to learn about the principles of mindfulness and increased emotional engagement within the workplace in order to learn how to achieve optimal engagement. Participants will learn how to apply mindful principles to alleviate boredom and stagnation, deal with perceived failure and discouragement on the one hand and unfulfilled ambition on the other. 
  • Mindful Strategies for the Supervisor and Manager (MS02) is a one-day workshop for those who are responsible for leading teams and/or departments. Generating awareness of mindfulness in the workplace can have profound implications on how an organisation thinks about its people and, even more importantly, how people think about themselves and the difference this can make on productivity and ultimately the bottom line. This workshop goes beyond everyday management issues such as employee engagement, communications, stress management and self-leadership. It teaches mindfulness principles to assist in the engagement of your team through an understanding of yourself and how you interact with those around you. Designed for optimal engagement.
  • Mindful Strategies for the Executive (MS03) is a half-day workshop for the busy senior manager and executive. With practical hands-on activities, reflections and tools, the participants will learn how to teach themselves to open themselves to the experience of the moment. This will open up the way for tools for change within in order to effect positive change in the immediate environment. Designed for optimal engagement.
  • Mindful Strategies for the Customer Service Professional (MS04) is a one-day workshop for frontline staff. Participants will learn to apply mindful strategies in a busy frontline working environment. Particular tools are provided to help with the challenges and hardships of stress, anger and the perception of not being able to cope with yet another customer complaint or query. You will learn to respond to customers in most profound ways so that your company will be seen as providing superior customer service. Designed for optimal engagement.
  • Mindful Strategies for the Teacher (MS05) is a one-day train-the-trainer workshop for teachers, lecturers, facilitators and trainers. Participants will learn to apply mindful strategies in their communications with their target audience. You will learn about approaches and tools that can immediately be put to use in your teaching environment. Through mindful teaching practices you will become an even more effective and powerful professional. Designed for optimal engagement.
  • Mindful Work Life Balance (MWL) and Mindful Stress Reduction (MSR) can be delivered as a one-day program or as two separate three and a half hour workshops. A highly interactive and hands-on program, focusing on transforming workplace and individual challenges into opportunities, with a wide range of topics that address work life balance issues and reduce stress.
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